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After walking away from everything he loved a decade ago, Winter King no longer recognizes the man he’s become, the man who tried burying the pain of his past underneath a billion dollar smile, women, and work.

When an unexpected turn of fate brings him face to face with his ex-fiancée, Eve Valentine, he can’t hide any longer from the woman of his past, the emptiness of his present, and the tenuous hope of his future.

Eve Valentine never imagined she’d be forced to face Winter King again, and then her best friend falls in love with his brother. He says it’s kismet, but she feels like it’s pure, unadulterated torture to her still broken heart. The last thing she intends to offer him is forgiveness.

Making a promise to move on, Eve tries, but when everything she’s worked for is jeopardized, the man who used to be her King is her only option.

A favor, an outrageous bid, and a date can’t lead to a second chance. Can it?


(Three Kings Billionaire Series Book 2)

Winter's Eve Then, Now, & Always: A Three Kings Novel - Signed

SKU: 106
  • Signed Paperback

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